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Useful keyboard shortcuts for the Kindle 2


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Matte Decalgirl skin for comparison

Matte DecalGirl skin for comparison - taken with the flash on

I’ve been compiling a list of useful keyboard shortcuts and tips specific to the Kindle 2.  Here’s what I’ve found so far (thanks to numerous web sources). It is not comprehensive, as I’ve left out the possibly dangerous or overly technical. I don’t have web browser access on the Kindle, so if there are shortcuts for the browser, I don’t know about them. My criterion is that I will find the shortcuts useful.

I’ve put the list on my Kindle as an aide-mémoire, so it’s available as a .mobi if anyone is interested (right-click on the link and ‘Save link as …).


  • Add/remove bookmarks: ALT+B


  • Copy text to search box: Select text, <Spacebar> *
  • Clear text from search/edit box: ALT+DEL
  • Author in Kindle store: @author <name>
  • @help – list all functions, including:
    • @dict <keyword>
    • @store <keyword>
    • @web <url>
    • @wiki <keyword>


  • Start/Stop: Shift+SYM (then be patient)
    • To start at a specific spot, position cursor first
  • Pause/Restart: <Spacebar>

Background Music

  • Play/Stop: ALT+<Spacebar>
  • Next track: ALT+F


  • Minesweeper: ALT+Shift+M from Home screen
  • GoMoku: G from Minesweeper


  • Rescan: ALT+Z
  • Jump to page: <number> then click/<Enter>
  • Author or title search: <first letter> then click when in author/title sort order


  • Capital letters when typing: Hit SHIFT first, then the letter; no need to hold them down together
  • Redraw screen: ALT+G
  • Screenshot: ALT+Shift+G
  • Whispernet provider: From Settings screen, type 311
  • Kindle Serial No et al: From Settings screen, type 411
  • Kindle store: ALT + HOME


  • Line spacing: ALT+Shift+n (n = 1 to 9)

* More detailed instructions for copying text from a book to the search bar (for example, when you want to look up the first occurrence of a character in a book):

  • Use the 5-way to cursor down to the beginning of the text you want to copy
  • Click the 5-way to mark the beginning
  • Use the 5-way to move right, selecting the word(s) you want to search for
  • Instead of clicking again as you would to save a highlight, press the spacebar
  • The selected words are now in the search box. If you want to search the current book, just click the 5-way (searching the current book is the default); if you want to search your items or Wikipedia etc, move the 5-way to the right to highlight the option you want.

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  1. Jim Gootee | June 24, 2011 at 5:56 am | Permalink

    I am very impressed by the work you have completed to aid all Kindle users.
    Thanks so much!

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