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{ Monthly Archives } November 2008

The plastic poncho as fashion statement

A good 90% of those at the Andre Rieu concert were wearing plastic ponchos. Very classy, Judi. Mind you, those without ponchos were experiencing poncho envy. At one stage the guy sitting in front of me put up his umbrella, totally blocking my view. My tap on his shoulder was very polite, though he could […]



How to break a hydrant for beginners The hydrant is the bit that, in suburban settings, is usually underground, like this: The round bit in the middle of the hydrant is a spring valve. ‘Shipping the standpipe’ is the term for fitting the standpipe into the hydrant. To ship the standpipe, you fit the lugs […]


Burning, not frying

The problem with living in a hilly area is that you have to go up and down the hills. That’s fine if you’re in a car, but running up and down is a different matter. I did a lot of that, conveying messages from the site of the pile burn up to the hydrant on […]


Frying bacon

Some of the band, Hangover Black, were here last night for the very last recording session in the house. James had a cable running all the way from his room at the far end of the house into the kitchen so he could record … 6 minutes of frying bacon. I’m sure it’s an integral […]

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